Blank Page Studio is a 1,500-square-foot co-creating non-profit art studio. We offer two ways to participate:

• There are six 130-sq.ft. studio spaces that are allotted to our Resident Teaching Artists for their  individual full-time use. As of November 2020, one of these studio spaces is available.

• There is one studio space that is shared between three people as a "creative co-working space." As of January 2020, all co-working spaces are full.

Need studio space?

Shared Creative Co-Working Space

If you are in a creative field that does not require a large studio space or much storage, you might be interested in our shared "creative co-working" space, shown at right. Blank Page Studio provides a dedicated work table, chair and small storage drawer unit for your use. Your table is in one 125-sq. ft. studio space that you share with two other people. You have full-time access to your space. The rent is $150 per month, with no teaching obligation. This option is ideal for a graphic designer, writer, blogger, or anyone in a creative field who does not need a lot of storage. As of January 2020, all co-working desks are full!

Individual Studio Spaces for Resident Teaching Artists

The six designated individual studio spaces are offered to artists at below-market rates in exchange for co-leading art classes for underserved youth in Oakland for 10 hours per month. Our Resident Artists get:

  • Your own 130-square-foot designated space within a light, bright open environment (no walls)

  • Opportunity and training to develop your skills as a teaching artist

  • Opportunity to create and lead art workshops in our on-site classroom space to supplement your income

  • Opportunity to show and sell your work during gallery events


Rent is $275-$300 per month, which includes wifi and all utilities.


Resident Artist criteria:

  • Current working visual artists that will be in the studio at least 20 hours per week (can be on weekends). Artists may be painters, mixed media artists, graphic artists, illustrators, textile designers, and/or other visual artists.

  • Experience working with children in a group setting (could be camp, church, etc.) and classroom management experience (experience teaching art is ideal).

  • Available and willing to volunteer 10 hours per month, teaching art in after-school programs at an Oakland Public School or community center.

  • Desire to work in a shared community space (open floor plan).

  • Enthusiasm about the transformative power of art.

creative co-working space 

individual resident artist spaces 

There is one full studio space available as of November 1, 2020. Please contact Lauran to tour the studio and check it out!